About us

The people behind Räkä Clothing are Malin, a creative Swedish multitalented product designer, running her own business Detajm and Mikko, a Finnish bald-headed smart businessman and an ex- hockey player, now working in the clothing industry. After the long journey of living in totally eight different countries has made us the citizens of the world, we do not pay attention to country borders any longer and regard the world as one big common place. Due to all those adventures abroad we’ve got influences and inspiration from different people and different cultures. Throughout all those experiences the Räkä idea was born…

When the Räkä project started, we thought that we would like to create clothes for unique individuals, like ourselves, and give people the chance to get something that would stand out from the crowd. Uniqueness and quality are the keywords for the idea of Räkä Clothing. The concept is to create limited edition clothing collections. Some of the products are identified by the number where each piece is as unique as the person who wears it. Räkä Clothing stands for high quality, we think environmentally friendly and all our products are Oeko Tex certified or in accordance with the Reach-regulation. We guarantee that there will be no duplications of the sets we produce. So you better hurry up to get your own unique piece of Räkä.

Our Räkä journey has just started and we look forward to spreading the wings and starting flying.

Together we are strong, together we are Räkä! Join Us!